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Our solution enables simple processes without compromising on quality or product capabilities. This makes it ideal for both novice and professional broadcasters. Satellite broadcasting using DiTVe is cost effective, and lets operators reach millions of viewers quickly. Our sophisticated tools let broadcasters design their channel to fit their brand personality, while the flexibility of our solution allows them to add endless number of advertisements on their channel, and engage their audience through SMS and IVR, thus maximizing their revenues. 

Our clients


broadcast news and                     updates and easily                         reach the mass audience

use this medium to substantially extend your reach and grow your client base.

Interactive programs: 
engage your audience in game shows and voting through IVR

and SMS based applications.

share your religious content and influence millions of viewers.

Popular channel activities:

Radio TV:
upgrade your radio station by broadcasting it

on TV and engaging your audience through

chat, SMSs and even advertisements.

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