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User Permissions Management

This tool lets users keep their operation organized and error-free by setting employee roles with their corresponding system access.

Alert System

Our alert system keeps users updated on their channel’s status. In case of a problem such as a missing program, a notification will instantly appear on the users’ dashboard and sent to their email address.

A full explanation of the error is added, helping users quickly identify the problem and work to repair it.

Simultaneously, a message will be sent to our support department, so they could quickly assist. 


SMS Moderation

Broadcasters can screen SMS messages prior to going live and approve only the messages that are suitable for display. All SMS received to the channel will appear in a que waiting for moderation.

Only once approved by the moderator will they move for broadcast and appear on screen.

SMS Reporting

Our SMS reporting dashboards collect all information regarding incoming SMS and keeps record of it.

Broadcasters can easily search their logs and export their reports.


Broadcast Viewer

The broadcast viewer lets users monitor their channel from the comfort of their own computer.

It displays exactly what the audience sees in real-time, keeping broadcasters updated 24/7 on their channel's status.

Remote 1

Dynamic content

This app enables a quick set-up of informational content to enrich channel’s offer.

It enables broadcasters to choose from our numerous types of content possibilities, display and customize it, thus making it unique to your channel and right for your audience.

Islamic Prayers

This app was designed specifically for the Islamic audience, and automatically adds the 5-times a day prayers onto the broadcasting schedule.

To keep precise timing, broadcasters can insert their location coordinates or use the integrated map in the app. Prayers times will automatically be adjusted and will cut through running programs at their preset times, resuming to the same spot they cut off.

Prayers can be designed like any other program, by choosing a template, design and content to present during that time.

Control Panel

All types of channels are equipped with 5 dashboards providing broadcasters

the ability to control and monitor their processes and assure a smooth operation.

Content Apps

Relevant and interesting content is imperative for a channel’s success.

Our content apps enable broadcasters to create customized content by a short few clicks of a mouse.

Channel creation

Our revolutionary 3-step process enables any broadcaster, Slide, TV, or Radio channel, to set up easily and quickly. Our robust platform mixed with automated processes let users operate even with a small team, thus keeping costs low. 

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Remote 3

Smart, intuitive and accessible from anywhere around the globe


Our cloud CMS provides a complete solution suite to easily set-up, design, create content, broadcast your TV programs and manage this entire operation, from one centralized location. The platform supports our entire channel format types – Slide TV, Video TV and Radio TV. The platform is cloud-based, making it accessible from any computer and any location around the world.


Automatic storage gives you the peace of mind operating an efficient operation

Creating TV channels involves massive amounts of video, images and audio files. Our solution automatically stores your valuable data once uploaded to our uploader, leaving you certain your data is safe and can be easily extracted for future use. This option eliminates additional expensive expenditures to external storage providers.  


Our 1:1 backup mode leaves you certain you are always on air

Our solution employs a second system that runs concurrently with the main system and is updated in real time. In case of maintenance work or hardware/software malfunction, this system is activated automatically, leaving your channel working seamlessly without any interruption.

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Remote 5
Remote 6

Remote Playout


The uploading process using our cutting-edge media uploader promises to increase efficiency and speed of work.

  • Automatic file format conversion and transcoding

  • Resolution adjustment

  • File verification test                                                                       

  • Continuous uploading even under bad internet connection

  • Fast file transfer

  • Automatic file categorization with enhanced manual setting.

Step 1: Upload

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