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DiTVe recognizes the challenges satellite service providers (i.e. teleports, uplink stations) are facing while managing their day-to-day operation and infrastructure logistics. Time, costs and scalability are key elements to factor in when growing an operation that would like to offer a high quality service standard to its customers.  

Our complete solution offers more than an exceptional server, it includes taking care of the full operational cycle – server installations, support and trainings for your customers, content storage, and management of the entire channel playout portfolio.

Our small form factor server promises to deliver big results. It packs a full rack of playout equipment and is capable to playout more HD and SD channels than any other server in the market and the combination of them both – 7 HD or 20 SD for MPEG4. Having one server that does it all decreases the need to purchase and install several equipment to execute the playout task and subsequently reduces operational costs on purchasing, installation, space, electricity and cooling.

It also comes with a cloud-based client operating platform that lets your customers enjoy an end-to-end solution for setting up a channel without compromising on quality or capabilities while accessing it all, remotely!

The server is OTT-ready and can stream directly to the multiplexer or over IP. It is capable of integrating with any provider to offer over-the-top streaming.

Our solution offers full flexibility in customizing a package tailored specifically to your needs in a pay-per-use method, and gives a complete freedom to scale up/down as your operation needs. To learn more about our solutions, contact our sales team.


Enjoy instant advantages:

Optimizing space

Cut costs

20 SD or 7 HD channels from a single server

High quality services

Added value offers to your customers

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