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Small server – Big playout performance!

DiTVe edge server is a powerful server that delivers superior playout performance, surpassing any other server in the market in overall number of channels that can be played-out from a single server (7 HD or 20 SD for H264). The same server supports both SD and HD formats and operators are free to switch formats according to their needs. It comes with an ASI and IP outputs that support efficient workflows and is OTT ready letting it transfer the transport stream either to a multiplexer or over IP distribution, and connect to our service or any other OTT service. The server comes with a centralized playout platform that can be accessed remotely to let broadcasters operate their playout activities.


Manage and control your entire channel portfolio from a single place:

No matter if you own one edge server or several, our servers work in an interconnected network which is controlled and managed by a single platform. Users can access the platform remotely, from any location, see the status of their entire channel portfolio and manage and control their operation conveniently and efficiently.


Low operational costs:

Our small form factor server packs a full rack of playout capabilities, substantially decreasing the amount of equipment, rack space and power consumption costs that are needed for the server and playout operation and maintenance.


Easy storage

Broadcasting operations involves massive amounts of media files. Our solution allows for an automatic files upload through watch folder to your on- premise storage.


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Playout Server

Download Datasheet

High density playout server
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