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Trained and skilled professionals.

Available 24/7.

Qualified to provide quick solutions.

Reply promptly and courteously.

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Satellite coverage

DiTVe has partnered with 6 leading satellite providers

to bring its clients a solution with worldwide coverage. Tell us your target countries, and we will take care

of the rest.

To see our supported satellite coverage map,

click here.


Creating TV channels involves massive amounts of video, images and audio files. Our solution automatically stores your valuable data once uploaded to our uploader, leaving you certain your data is safe and can be easily extracted for future use. This option eliminates additional expensive expenditures to external storage providers.  


Our solution employs a second system that runs concurrently with the main system and is updated in real time. In case of maintenance work or hardware/software malfunction, this system is activated automatically, leaving your channel working seamlessly without any interruption.


DiTVe’s customer support department is focused on providing clients with a fast, professional, and efficient service.  Our team is comprised of industry experts available 24/7, and capable of providing quick responses immediately with valuable advice. All clients receive dedicated trainings and access to video manuals to familiarize them with our features and how to best utilize them to their advantage.  

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